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Stolen from my bitch. (Aka phoe) ;) [01 Jun 2006|12:20pm]
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Quizzes from MySpazzers [16 May 2006|06:16pm]
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[09 May 2006|05:36pm]
Okay. My life is officially complete. Three words : Take FUCKING That. Goodness.

Let's have a nice spaz for you all MAIN POINT OF SPAZZING: They went to a stage in the middle-ish of the arena, slightly up in the air (sort of like a person high) and the stage was right behind me to the left. Actually possible one of THE best views of it in the arena (i was at the back of the block i was in you see.) And yes, they did the beatles medley there and ALSO 2 of my favessss. And yes, i died. Officially spazzed to death. Cant speak because of it. Oh my goodness. Anyway ;)

So yesterday sociolgy was first and spazzed at james. He decided to say "You look a bit rough today adele." A BIT ROUGH? i nearly killed him. He said it came out wrong. Bastard. We looked at an exam paper and he borrowed mine to copy my notes down and cos my writing was unreadable (it can be quite awful), he made me go over to him and read it out to him. Went back to my seat and my friend emma kepy going how he clearly liked me, calling me over, chatting to me, flirting with me and stuff. It SO funny, she's said that before and it's a bit "Oh really.." Cos i know he does, he's said it himself, we've gone out outside of college, where i have risked my life being in his car. ;) But its like, i cant really just say it and cos we are clearly just flirt buddies, theres no point. ;) Spazzed around the sexy town with flo cos i didnt have a second lesson, we managed to waste so much time wandering around and going for coffeeee. So yes, fab. Then I actually went to my tutorial cos it was something on university. Highly boring but you know, at least i went. Left english half an hour early to make sure i got home for 4.30 at the latest. Spazzily got ready and then went. To see Take That. God yes.

Finally got to Wembley and this guy was giving out leaflets advertising WILLIAM YOUNGNESS's tour. I WAS SO AMAZED. Everyone was like "No thanks.." or dropping them and theres me nearly making people trip over me by stopping to get a few. Lovely. They were playing take that really loudly outside so i had a little dance around. Whilst commenting on the 10 years olds there. I know i was only 6 when they split up but some of the childreeennn werent even born. WHEN THEY SPLIT UP. Let alone when they started. God. ;) Anyway, went in ans got me merchandise, beverley knight had just started. Got a SCARF, yes a SCARF. The SEXIEST poster EVER, a programme and a set of 4 signed prints. Later got a bag as well. They kept giving out leaflets as well, i kept stopping to take lots. FAB. We went into beverley knight for the last bit of her set, she was good but her voice started to irritate me because at times it was like she was screeching. Not good.

AND THEN THE EXCITEMENT. Went past 8.30 and i was getting anxious. There was mexican waves going round the whole arena, which has happened at them all, that was a nice time waster. AND THEN IT BEGAN. OH YES. BIG FAT BUILDUP. With a thingy with them on coming up the stage and then THERE THEY WERE. LOOKING FIT. RUNNING FORWARD. WAVING. ADELE SCREAMING. LOVELY. Now is the time to mention i forgot my glasses so it did take a while, with the help of the screens, to work out who was who. ;) So,nice bit of Once you've tasted Love. FAB. Pray was next and just FUCKING amazing, it is one of my new faves i think. I really really really like the live version of it. AMAZING. Then it was Today I've lost you, the song that was never released but was on the album, i was not impressed at the lack of people singing along, disgraceful, I love love love it though. Why Cant I wake Up With You didnt impress mother, i was not impressed at her comments at all. She even decided to insult Gary when he was in a shirt and tie saying he looked "like a tosser. An old one." Some funky little dance moves as well. Funky tango style It only takes minute which was groooooovy and impressed mum as apparently it was "practically salsa."

TIME FOR ADELE TO DIE MOMENT. Babe. Mark Owen. On his own. On. The. Floor. Oh my god, actually amazing. Everything changes was FAB and i got all on the edge of emotion when Gary was going how it was relevant to "you." Actually gasped at the beginning of A Million Love songs. Odd yes, but oh wow wowowo wowowow. SUCH an amazing song. And here is where my life suddenly became complete. And here is why I died. And here is where I spazzed myself out.

So, at the beginning i noticed a stage, a small circle one, and a sort of walkway, on the ceiling and cos i knew take that went onto a different stage for the beatles medley I wondered if they would be there. They were. The stage when it was down was a bit higher up than a person. I was on the right side of the arena, in the back row of B block. The stage went down behimd the middle bit of B block. So it was slightly behind me, to my left, when i looked at it. Just amazing basically. And where i was i had one of the best views i think. Wish had my glasses to make it perfect ;) So anyway, it starts coming down and I WELL UP massively then they started to run across the walkway and I just started SCREAMING. And hyperventilated. EVEN MOTHER WAS EXCITED. So they get to the stage and everyone is spazzing massively around near us. They start the beatles medley and it seemed like they did spend more time facing my side. Jason rarely moved from where he was which was to the right of the circle thing so right near us. They all moved round so we got lots of time perving over each of them. The Beatles medley was FAB with loads of FAB dancing, just so amazing to see it so close up. THEN TO MY SHOCK, they sung How Deep Is Your Love. Thought it was just the medley on that stage but it wasnt. Actually died. That always used to be one of my faves and THEN they did Love Aint here anymore, JUST ANOTHER FAVOURITE. They also spoke a bit with Mark giving a length speech of PHITNESS there and them all just being so fab and gunny leading to me welling up again. Then they walked back in the audience to the stage. Because there were SO many people i couldnt even see where there were BUT in the end, just one person separated me and Howard's head for about 2 seconds. But that was enough. Just to see his head and know that was FUCKING HOWARD killed me. And oh MY he is so PHIT. Think I maybe died for the time they were on stage. A 20 mintute death.

There was this little boyband making thingy whulst they got back to the stage and got changed from the red suits. It was fab. Bit of Howard rapping as well. Then in THE most PHITEST outfits they did sure with LOADSSS of fab dancemoves. At first, in the boyband sketchy thing, it was just mark, howard and jason but then the thingy voice thingy commanded gary to join in. SO fab. And he CANNNN dance. Anyway, he had a nice shirt on but the rest of em. PHWOAR. Jason and Howard in vests, actually gasped, squealed and nearly fainted when Howard's arms came on the screen. FUCKING HELL. And mark was in a tight short sleeved shirt. Oh my god KILLER moment, he wasnt singing at one point and he came on the screen doing this MASSIVE grin, he looked so adoreable, again i welled up. Anyway so PURE sex. The stage came down again, for beverly knight and then, in kinky outfits, with gary in a pimp style coat, did relight my fire. With fire bursting out and kinky moves. It was VERY amazing.

Gary came on in a long coat and just satarted singing the words "let it rain" with an umbrella up, then rain machines started. The rest of the band came on and all the rain machine things came down from the ceiling (on the stage, not the whole arena. Obviously. ;)) And then BACK FOR GOOD. Only THE moment ive been waiting for for 10 years. And oh my god. It did not disappoint. Cant even think about it without welling up. AMAZING. Just amazing. Thent he robbie hologram (OH I MUST SAY, I WAS SO HAPPY AT THE LACK OF ROBBIE,SO AMAZING. They truly are just amazing as a 4 piece.) came up singing Could it Be Magic, he disappeared and then the band came on singing along. FAB FAB FAB FAB FAB. And then it was NEVER FORGET. The last song. Oh my GOD. The whole arena putting their hand out on the never forget bit, everyone singing along. Just amazing. This little walkway style thing came up across the stage and they all go on that with Beverley knight and the dancers. And it was amazing. Then. they went down on the normal stage, said their thank yous and did a nice group bow. I was just DYING at this point. I could no longer scream.

I have some pictures and videos of THE middle stageness although they arent that good and you cant see who is who really. Plus they keep zooming in and out ( i got obsessed with the zoom), arent very still and rather than the songs being heard its me screaming and singing. Not nice. I do hope SOME are okay though...Totally paid for the screaming as well. Couldnt speak this morning, throats killing me and i sound like a man. It was when they came on the stage thingy near us, i just could not zstop...And i suppose the loud singing along to everything didnt help. ;)

But yes, FUCKING amazing. Best concert of my life, possibly best NIGHT of my life. I dont think it will be beaten because you know, 10 years of waiting and then THE fittest males ever are a few metres away. NEVER Forget. And yes, i think i did type amazing about 500 times in this.
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[26 Mar 2006|12:02am]
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Stolen from everyone cos I was feeling left out at not doing it! ;) [27 Feb 2006|04:23am]
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Another quiz for you lucky people, stolen from Phoe/Bodge [20 Feb 2006|02:05pm]
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Stolen from Bodge! [18 Feb 2006|08:27pm]
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[16 Feb 2006|12:30pm]
Soooo Monday I met up with JOMOOO and Charlotte which was lovelllyyy. Got the V day card which was impossible. I mean, I refused to get one with a poncey message in..settled on a purple ronnie one which was quite nice. Lovely.

Yesterday, my most hated day of the year ;) Wasnt even sure if i would be seeing Lewis but I did in the afternoon. Gave in my card with the message that took agesss to get right in and his wasn't exactly quite as lengthy ;) But it's okay cos he's the insecure one and I felt I needed to put what I did. Allll good.

Today, he might be popping round later which I do hope cos Im off out with mother and chav brother tomorrow and i've got the dentist (OH GODDDD) and hes got work on friday. So it would be goooddd.

Anyway, i'm thibking we are okay despite the fact that hes not completely normal. Im thinking thats cos hes still ill, at least im HOPING that...
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[21 Jan 2006|11:35am]
Must say, today was fab. Met Lewis at 11.30, had to send mum off as did not want them meeting you know...We then had a quick wander before walking to the cinema which took a litttleee while cos theres not one at the town centre anymore. I am so amazed at how I didnt even trip up walking. Mental. Anyway, got to the cinema and there were no films for another 2 hours so we went for a drink in Bella Italia. Which he bought (such a bad boy, i popped to the loo and he paid then. Bad.) So, sat their spazzily chatting as you do..before dragging him over to Toys 'r' us which meant I REALLY spazzed..I did get quite excited around the fimbles area. He started playing on this playstation game, an athletic one where you have to run on the spot to make the thing run which was SO funny. We were walking past the actual baby stuff like prams and cots and he started going "Maybe I should do this again..*puts hand on my tummy as if i was pregnant*" As he did that yesterday before realising what it looked like..Then we went over to the cinema and got out tixs (again, which he bought, which was nice of him) and went and sat down when it opened. It looked like it wasnt gonna be busy but then it got SERIOUSLY packed with LOADS of chavs...Which meant we were both moaning..Then these chavettes came to sit right next to us, next to me, spilling popcorn on my foot as they did so...Just as well I had Lewis touching my leg, tummy (he does seem to love it up a lot) and then just randomly holding hands. I have to say despite the fact it was obvious that he was up for a snog, I only gave him two quick kisses as there were SO many people about and it would have been too predictable. Just remembered before it started, he got out his phone and said "Guess who texted me last night" and showed this text from a 'Bee' who he then todl me was his ex. He showed me the message and it was something about her being sorry she was off with him yesterday and that it was just a bit of a shock to see him with someone else and that she hoped it all worked out as she couldnt think of anyone who deserved to be happy more than him. He didnt have to show me it, yet he did which meant a lot - he said its cos he didnt want me to think he was hiding things from me which was really sweet. And he said he didnt reply and basically that he didnt care what she had to say so i dont mind at all. Anyway, we got out of there and walked back to the town, again managed to remain normal although I did sort of trip once..Nevermind ;) Went to Wetherspoons for a drink (which again, he insisted on buying..) and sat in one of the sexy booths. He decided he would continue with his tickling from earlier on and from yesterday. I am SO ticklish which he knows. Bad Boy. So he was tickling my legs and my tummy again plus groping my arms again. Its really odd - I thought I was bad with arms but he seems to touch mine ALL the time. Got my shoulder out as well to prove the boneiness but he didnt see it only saying "You have a great body.." Bad Boy. His hands were cold so I had them between my crossed legd (around the knee area before that sounds really wrong..) and he was touchign my skin again telling me it was really soft. I really dont feel the softness clearly..This was whilst he was tickling me AGAIN AND AGAIN and then he had his arm round me, on my back and, cos my skirt was gaping a bit at the back, at the top of my tights. I mean GOD, if it wasnt him i wouldnt be impressed. Feeling up my underwear and everything. ;) I was feeling qite exposed in my top as its gone all short now and it a bit low...He was looking a bit, AGAIN, Bad boy. Anyway, so yes, stayed in there for a while, nice bit of kissing (at least it was a bit more private than usual...) and then we went after bodge called (And asked what he was doing when she had called before..JUST AS HE CAME BACK from the toilet...) which inlcuded lewis deciding to tickle me so i couldnt even speak. So, we went to his bus stop to wait for his bus standing close (well, it was cold ;)) and holding hands surrounded by chavs yet again. I went off then to go and wait for my dad and he gave me a kiss, didnt let go so he could give me another..which involved me saying IM GONNA FALL OVER as i thought I was...And a final one before I set off through the chav mob.

Talking to him now on MSN and hes so sweet...saying "and of course, talking to my lovely girlfriend" plus "and i wouldn't say you were that insane, ive met much worse... and in fact, i like you for it! ;)" Think he is TOO fab now...

Ok, ramble doesnt make sense and is highly tragic. But well, to be expected.
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[15 Jan 2006|05:29am]
First non-lewis update for a while ;) Although...I did speak to him on the phone whilst on the train which was quite a marvy start to the day and we are going out next saturday which should be marvy if i don't SPAZ myself out you know..

So, after a horrendous journey (thought i'd got on a train to stansted)finally met Bodge and then we found Lozzzz. Got to Hammersmith and I was finally feeling some of the excitement although I was just impatient to get in realllyyyy...I ws quite excited to see BADGES. Marvy. Anyway, went in for Nizlopi which were SO SO SO SO SO SO SO fab, MARVYNESS. I was quite looking forward to seeing them anyway and I was SO impressed by them (and Lukes arms.) ;) After them was time for a nice bit of jamie. Despite my non-excitement at Sam, I was HIGHLY excited when I saw him...AND then he took his jacket off quite early on...He kept laughing throughout as well looking far too FAB. Cant remember what Jamie sang much but I didn enjoy Mind Trick. GOD ITS FAB. I did love it when Jamie sang a line of 'You raise me up' mentioning Westlife as I am tragic like that. And Sam's little reaction was fab as well. Sam was looking far too nice. MARVY. I was loving ICHDAN at the end as well especially when Nizlopi joined them on stage as I think I want to marry Luke's dancing. Sam and Luke standing next to each other smiling was TOOOO much. Anyway, yes fab gig. Oh yes, and at the end when the band went to the front of the stage Sam looked over to where I was and was looking at me in the way he does in one of the pics from getting the songs..The kinda confused face...And I was like staring back as he is hotttt...If I had thought about it, I would have grabbed my arm you know, so it was obvious but well, Im thinking he may have just about realised..

Went outside to wait for Jamie (ok Sam ;)) Luke from Nizlopi was there so we attacked him. I said something like "I've just got a little question first..." before going on to explain the arm thing which he looked confused at yet surprisingly not scared. Then I asked to grope his arm to which he just gave it to me (god i love it when arms do that.) And I did and it was FAB. I then had my picture with him which, for the first time is a picture I dont hate, yet is one that is SO good its SO bad. Around this time we asked Marc about Sam to which he said Sam may have already gone home. I was not impressed. We then attacked Luke again, bodge asking about tour dates and me telling him he had great arms...We got a kiss as well which was quite painful cos of the beardiness. Jamie then came out and I was first to meet him. He started saying Arm Girl and then said "It's adele isnt it." I admit, I was a bit fangirlish at this point which was VERY bad. I then asked for a pic and said that i didnt want arms in it as groping made me look like a man in pics. He thought I said mad and said "Well you are a bit made arent you" and I then corrected him and he said "you are one of those who could never look like a man." Nice but untrue ;) We got ready for the pic and then whilst there was finding the camera stuff, I asked about sam and he said "Danny is still around, although i dont think thats the same.." We had a pic and i asked him to sign the t-shirt. I got 2 kisses then and managed not to forget them this time...He said something about it being good I think and asked if his arm was on it. Then I said about Simon telling me to ask him do the Eagle noise which he did and it was VERY mental. I then gave him a kiss as I was spazzing and a bit OH MY GOD ARMS. ;) We then decided to wait to see if the rest of the band came out but Marc then said they had gone..So, I felt I had to wait for Danny...We chatted to Marc for a while and he said about websites and then told me I should do an arm rating thing on it and we were even talking about Lewis which was completely odd. Danny came out and I said to him "I dont know if you remember but I asked a question about arms on the website..." to which he replied 'OH YOU'RE THE ARM LADY" and then stepped back and shouted "YOU'RE MENTAL" to which Jamie then said "SHE'S INSANE." Danny then said he hadnt answered my latest question as he was too scared but said it was ready to be answered and that he would answer it soon..Bodge then MADE ME ask for an arm grope and I did indeed grope his arm and I then remember him asking about mine and giving them a quick grope. Although, I think that was before...I then saw Marc and thought well, might as well go for him as well and I did...Then Jamie had finished with all the fans so I asked if i could grope his arm again which he let me and then Marc or danny said about groping mine to which Bodge seemed to agree..Then Danny (or Marc) said something like there was time for a quick arm grope. And then Jamie grabbed my arm and got a better grope than I got of his, moving his hand all around and then got into the car saying something that sounded like "very very t" but I am told it was actually fit. Good god. Danny also said something I am CERTAIN but cannot remember...Anyway, so despite the lack of Sam that was possibly the best after-gig-meeting. FLIPPING marvy
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[13 Jan 2006|10:03pm]
FINALLY managed to get a t-shirt to arm-up for the gig...It's a vest that was in the pyjama section of Marks and spencers - I was THAT desperate...Anyway, got to do that tomorrow before giggy time. MARVY. Can't wait to hear about Phoe's tales from tonight either, doubley MARVY. I was trying to resist rambling again but i need to love up Lewis and the day ;) Met him in the morning again and we ended up going to our lessons a good 15 mins late...Sorta said to my teacher my bus was late - was not impressed when a friend decided to say 'But you dont get the bus in adele..' BITCH ;) Then my teacher started saying "Dont you only live round the corner?" For everyone's info, it is NOT that close and I was like GOD. STALKER ALERT for the teacher..Was inside at break and he came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and scared the life out of me...smooth. Managed to remain normal then and, because i needed to get home I wasnt gonna hang around for lunch so he said have a lovely weekend and stuff which was fab. I have to say, he remembers SO much. He even remebered my Milo from Tweenies obsession that i mentioned last night...FAB. Oh and he has another new, french msn name which, I think may well be about me again considering the last was...It translates to something like 'she is special, *something about being hot* on cold winter days..' I mean OH. MY. GOD. Mental. Godddddddd. I am seriously worrying about myself, OBSESSIVE ALERT.

Will do a nice little arm spaz after the gig ;)
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[11 Jan 2006|05:27pm]
This is gonna be my third L loving update in a row..I am SO tragic. ;) I clearly am so sad... Anyway so, last night (Tuesday), I got a text...from a certain somebody asking me if I would like to be his girlfriend...(He did try and call me but well, my phone was on silent as i am a spazzz.) Anyway, that buggered up my revision you know ;) So, well, of course I *had* to say yes ;) Today, i agreed to meet him in the morning, earlier than I tend to get to college..But well, it wasd worth it. ;) It was raining so I had my umbrella and when I met him, so he could get under as well (Im nice like that), he held it. Which was quite funny as its REALLY girly. He then sat with me in the reception waiting to go in which was sweet especially since he then missed part of his lesson cos of it. Aww. He went off to this lesson but gave me a quick kisso n the cheek first which, i admit, left me actually having to sit down. Most embarassing. Was sitting in the library revising for tomorrow when he came in, at around lunch time and sat with me for a while. Then we went off to lunch, which involved me making him wander around the shops trying to find the perfect white t-shirt...I think he deserved a medal for listening to me ranting ;) Loving it when I said "There is just NO tshirts in this town" and he replied "No, its just that you are fussy!" KNOWS ME SO WELL ;) He's so fab. I said about weirdos and how I cant talk about them being one myself and he was like "you shouldnt say that about yourself ;)" which was sweet. It was really funny trying to find a tshirt as he kept jokingly pointing out totally unsuitable stuff on purpose...cue another of our little jokey arguements ;) Fab. Anyway, it was very fab and I am so impressed at him not wanting to kill me after the t-shirt issue. ;) So we headed back to college and went to sit in the library before our lesson where my friend from sociology joined us. He said to her "NEVER go shopping with adele...for plain white tshirts" jokingly which was very fab and in general marvy. Then we went off to our lessons and he gave me another kiss, this time moving away from cheeks and being pretty much on the lips. Marvy. ;) Too much...I nearly had to sit on the stairs to sort myself out... So, that was today and I've spoken to him on MSN tonight and omg mentallness. I was also speaking to matchmaker mark right and he said that Lewis's name was about me. Lewis's name being something in french to do with loving you with all my heart. I was completely not believing that and I was a bit ho-hum about it as I said to phoe about my friend having "*her name* loves *her boyfriend name*" being a bit odd after them only being together a week and a half...And yes, i still havent changed my mind but i did think it was REALLY sweet. And just SO mental. Anyway, so im meeting him tomorrow morning AGAIN ;) and possibly lunch again for some more spazzing. Oh my GOD look at the ramble..I need to stop..;) OBSESSIVE. Anyway, one more exam left tomorrow, history and no revision done which is excellent...
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[03 Jan 2006|08:49am]
[ mood | stressed ]

I am SO unbelieveably stressed. Oh MY God. FUCKING hell. Today has been the worst day since ages. BLOODY raining EVILlY which meant, because I forgot my umbrella, my hair is now like a flipping AFRO. Lovely. And my shoes are clearly tossy making me feet all wet. Didn't even manage to SLEEEP last night so that was MARVY. FECKING started awfully with the buildery people digging those holes for the gas things that have been all on my route to college for the last few months. NOW RIGHT OUTSIDE MY HOUSE. That pissed me off. THEN I get to college and had the most pointless sociology lesson where I could not think of a thing to base my coursework on. NOTHING AT ALL. Then the most fabby thing happened, i had my new bag, one from octopus (where I get the watering cans etc from) and admitedly it was heavy and full up but not that much..And it decided to break. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF TESCOS where I was being dragged around by a friend. Marvy. Cue me wasting the whole of my 1 1/2 hour break and 1 hour lunch trying to FUCKING sort it out. Finally ended up going to my friend's work, with my friend and stealing a bag (after asking obviously ;)) and then getting magazines in tescos so i could steal lots of their bags. MY HAND IS KILLING ME NOW. MARVELLOUS. So that clearly wasn't joyful. DIDN'T EVEN GET A CHANCE TO LOOK FOR A TSHIRT FOR THE JAMIE GIG because once the bag saga was over, we ended up in FUCKING McDonalds with all the FLIPPING Chavs (Omg Phoebe, they kept singing along stupidly to your 2nd lovaaaaas song..im talking about james here ;)) Then we went to meet someone else and then it was FECKING time to head to tutor time, the most pointless experience of my life because I was in there for 10 mins out of the hour. Well, i suppose it makes a change to the two minutes usually spent there...FFFFFSSS. Got even more wet heading over to the town centre again as Iwanted to look for tshirts, could NOT be bothered what with the bags digging in my fingers. So went backto English where I waited for SO long until my teacher finally turned up...Oh it doesnt end there. We have a 15 min break in the afternoon but the teacher convienently forgot about us so it was half an hour...I JUST WANTED TO GO HOME. God. Finally got out and it was raining again which means people including sky had to witness me looking, quite frankly, like a VERY pissed off drowned RAT. I am just so flipping pleased my dad was still off work on holiday today so he could pick me up. I really think, if i had to faff around with buses I would have hung myself or something.


This seriously has to be THE worst start to the year I have EVER had. Revising NYE and NYD which was SO joyful. NOT. I have been SO fuckingggg stressed with it, I mean its driving me mental. I am never normally like this with revision but GOD. And now back to college only 3 days into the new year and have the worst day at college EVER. I do hope th rest of the year isnt quite so SHIT.

Apologies for the frequent swearing. As you may tell, I am SO pissed off.

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[31 Dec 2005|09:44am]
Oooh Hello all ;)

I decided to take a break from revising today and went shopping with mummykins. I got some fabby satsuma perfumey stuff from The Body Shop, mums says I will smell like I work on a fruit&veg stall, lovely..Found it so hard to choose between that, strawberry and coconut. May have to go back ;) Im hoping mr W will in the future smell oranges and think of arms and adele if i wear it to the gig ;)

Talking of the gig, I dont want to do a banner now and im kinda wanting to wear my blue jumper with my special bra so not sure about the tshirt. SO, im thinking of doing a sash like a Miss World one. Maybe with Miss Arms on but that could be cheesy so im not sure...But what do you think?

More on my shopping, i went to accesorize and they had the shoesys that I have loved up but didnt want to buy as i would much prefer to spend what they were on Irregular Choice, anyway, they were 17.50 and i was like OOOH MYYY GOOD Feckers did have a 7. Had a poxy 6 but not 7. HOW RIDICULOUS. But i didnt get a pretty necklace for 3.50 and also two mental bracelets for 6 each which is grooovay. I have far too much jewellery from there now..Overflowing.

Mr Sky wasnt there but I hope he will be back when im back at college cos the skything was still there. lovelyyy.

Happy New Year to you all :D I will be writing a year review (copying Phoe) tomorrow I think...God I do hate New Years Eve. ;)
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[28 Dec 2005|02:48pm]
Met up with some old school friends tonight and we went and had dinner. CLASSIC smoothness of Adele. Went to order (went to Nandos and they dont come to your table to take your order) and there was this quite hot man at the till. So, I say what I want, all normal and then he asks for the table number. I'm like standing there like ER. WELL. Then my friend goes 24, Adele, 24. I didn;t hear for far too long and was like, er the same as the 3 before me...Anyway, then we get onto the spices. I was SO confused and like er, the not strong one. More confusion and me nearly on the floor laughing. It got worse - I dropped my money on the floor. THEN he went "Have you eaten here before" and I said, Erm..yes. He then, nearly laughing as much as me said "you dont seem so sure about that..." God. CLASSIC. Apparently he was flirting with me. Very funny as he had been flirting with one of my friends that had been before me. Once that was over with, I went back to the table and slowly we began to realise the song, white christmas, keptr repeating, it was really odd. One of my friends got the same waiter to change it, but it did it AGAIN, this time with slade. I was practically dying at this point. Mental. So, that was nice. I got a pretty necklace, some "I love shoes" socks and some choc which was niceeee.

Got home and since then have been speaking to Phoe about my oddness and how clearly I am going to be a spinster forever as no man will be able to deal with my insanity. Eternal spinsterhood.
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[27 Dec 2005|05:08pm]
Can someone please stop me from listening to Westlife on my samod. Please.

I am feeling quite tragic listening to them esp Swear it again. Good God. I need a pair of arms to sing it to me.
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[27 Dec 2005|03:59pm]
Thought I'd do a quick spaz update. Some photos are in my photobucket somewhere (addyarmlickerrrrr)

Xmas and Boxing day...Collapse )
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oooh! [24 Dec 2005|12:50pm]
Oooh forgot to add:

I am very excited by the fact that Danny answered my question on jc.com

Danny, do you find that some of the more active work in your job helps strengthen and enhance your arms? Adele x - Arm Girl

Hi Arm Girl I think you have won the prize for the strangest question today and in fact I don't really do much more that typing and writing these days, although I still have incredibly manly arms!!! Danny

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Happy xmas! [24 Dec 2005|12:27pm]
[ mood | Xmassssyyy! ]

Was feeling so unxmassy this morning and I was SO bored, unbelievably so...Very funny though this morning with my mother...We are having everyone this year so mum's doing the xmas dinner and is SO paranoid about the fridge cutting out she got up in the middle of the night and pluggued it into an extension pluggy thing rather than the usual in case the electric went. Thing is, if the electric went the extension pluggy thing would cut out as well m,eaning she gained nothing! Classic. I couldn't stand up, it was SO funny. Mum wanted to go to a carol service and i fancied the walk, trying to make myself tired out, so i agreed to go. We got to about 5 mins from my house and decided we couldn't be bothered to go...Again, classic. Got home and helped mum set the table for tomorrow

I am so full though..I've been on the chocs all day, had lots of mum's yummy chilli for dinner AND dad brought back popcorn from the cinema (he went with elliott to see King Kong I think) so I'm rather stuffed..

Hopefully will sleep tonight even though I'm not tired and very excited cos elliott will be up at some horrid time..Lovely!

Looking forward to tomorrow but I haven't one of my two cousins (Sophie) since before the accident her boyfriend died in and I'm not sure how to handle that, you know...I'm sure it will be fine though. Also, my other cousin coming round (Von) has just spilt with her boyfriend so that's fab as well.Not. ;) GOOD news is the uncle that stayed at my house for months (druggie) is not coming. I do feel sorry for him but well, when people take liberties, I can't bear it!

Anyway, I wish you all a very fabby armmas and I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful day!

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Stolen from PHOEBEEEEEEEE. [23 Dec 2005|03:34pm]
1. Your LiveJournal user name and what it means:
Adeleisms, it contains my name and isms...I think it came from Jo after another, well, Adeleisms, regarding whether public relations people work with the public...

2. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how well does your LiveJournal represent who you actually are?
9 I think as it is spazzy and insane.

3. How much about your life do you post to LJ?
Um...I'm not sure, arm spazzy life = a lot but in general maybe 60?

4. Is there anything you refuse to post about?
There are some things I might not post because 1.) they may be incredibly boring or 2.) I just would prefer to tell certain people individually if i want them to know

5. On a scale of 1-10 how interesting do you think your own journal is to others?
10. I an MEGA interesting. Actually, about -100

6. Has anyone ever joined LJ because of you?
Well, I mean, I am so amazing it hurts. ;) I don't think soooo

7. What proportion of your posts are friends only?
I also forget to friends only them and I find it exciting that random arms could be reading ;)

8. Which five of your interests are most descriptive of you?
It would help if i knew my interests...Ok, arms without a doubt. Ummmm and Sarcasm, I do love it. Oh, why don't i put will young in as well? ;)

9. How often do you post in communities, and did you ever start your own?
I can just about post in my own lj...

10. How often do you respond to/comment on other people's journals?
I am increasing my commenting i think at the moment as it's such fun. And I do like replying to comments left on mine.

11. Do you prefer to write in your journal or read other journals?
I think I like reading them as i'm nosey ;) And i can be far too spazzy to write normally sometimes...

12. Have you ever had something mean said to you or been stalked, harassed, or got into an argument on LJ (or did it to someone else)?
No. But i REALLY want to be now ;) STALKING..

13. Have you ever banned someone from your journal?
No but i'm going to ban phoe. ;)

14. Who are your four favorite LJ friend(s) and why?
Oh can i just say PHOEBE. Because she is SPAZZY. I do like Jo's as well and I just like reading everyones really.

15. What color is your keyboard?
In my room, its white with grey bits. Downstairs its blackkkk/

16. Why are you most likely to add someone to your friends list?
If they like armssss

17. Do you automatically add friends to your journal if they add you first?
I don't have any friends ;)

18. What is the most likely reason you wouldn't add someone to your friends list?
If they don't like arms.

19. Is your "significant other" on LJ?
I'll have to ask in January ;) Of course I AM JOKING.

20. Have you ever wanted to meet someone on LJ?
No, they are all weirdos. ;)
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